Gadgets that will help you save time and money

Our customs and routines can have different effects when it comes to saving time and money. There are certain behaviors that make us especially efficient people and today, in the absence of will, technology can help us achieve it.

Home automation orders dozens of computer systems and solutions that can turn your apartment into a smart home. They allow you to control the lighting in your home, centralize communications, regulate the thermostat or have security alarms ready, for example, in an intuitive and especially effective way to save energy.

However, converting a house into a 100% robotic space may require a significant investment. Luckily there are different items and devices that can help us make our space more efficient without the need for large disbursements.

The first thing that experts advise

The first thing that experts advise

Before starting to equip us to save at home, is to do without the ‘stand by’ in our homes: we must turn off or disconnect from the network any device that we are not using. The energy consumed by an appliance that we plugged in, but not completely turned off, can reach a surprising percentage in your bill: up to 10.7%.

Once this first determination is made, there are articles that can help us to invest less time and money in having our home ready:

Smartphone Your phone not only serves to communicate

Smartphone Your phone not only serves to communicate

it is an MP3 player, GPS, alarm clock, camera … Every mobile (or tablet) has its own calendar, which you can synchronize with your email, to have perfectly controlled dates, birthdays, meetings and deadlines. It also allows you to download dozens of applications that can help you be efficient and save on your purchases, such as Gelt, Beruby, MyG21, Lyoness… Also, if you don’t want to get involved in addition, subtraction and operations to control what Good Finance app is a great solution. Organize and analyze your expenses for you, categorize them to your liking – supermarket, children, clothes – and allow you to track your economy in a personalized way.

Vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packing machine

A family can save hundreds of euros if they learn to keep fresh food longer, and freeze them when necessary. A vacuum packaging machine, whose average cost can range between 60 and 150 euros, will help us avoid throwing less food without consuming them. It is also important to know that all fruits and vegetables can be frozen.

Smart strips A strip that can detect (and avoid) the aforementioned ‘stand-by mode’ can save you more than you imagine. For a cost of about 20-25 euros, one of these strips is able to detect when we have a device in standby and turn it off completely if it does not register a use of it for a period of several minutes; That is the basic difference with the traditional ones.

‘Tags’ to not lose anything


For those people prone to losing the keys, the wallet or even your dog or cat, there are very simple location systems as a ‘virtual tags’ that allow us to know where we need to find at all times. The basis of this technology is GPS: some examples are TileApp, CobraTag or Tagg (for pets), all in the form of a mobile app.

‘Internal diagnosis’ system for your car. High-end cars usually carry these types of devices as standard, but now one can also be installed in any other vehicle to give the owner useful information about consumption, engine status, motorcycle temperature, the number of kilometers that we can travel before running out. of fuel, average speed, carbon footprint, etc. The reference brand in this market is ScanGauge, with prices starting at 180 euros.

Jugs with water filter. Before opting for bottled water, there are systems to improve the taste or quality of tap water: reusable filters, either directly applied to the taps or installed in drinking jugs. The prices are very varied, but for 20-30 euros we can already find high quality options in virtually any format.

Incorporating one or several of these gadgets into our day to day can be a relief for our finances. To always be aware of what happens with your money, the Good Finance app will be the great ally in your purpose of having your healthy economy: it allows you to manage savings goals so that doing so does not mean a headache and at least whatever the amount you can save, you will always be welcome.

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