Finance Debt Closing Loan

Borrowing loans from Good Finance Bank are offered to borrowers who want to collect more than one loan and credit card debt under the umbrella of GFB Good Finance Bank.

Good Finance Bank, which has similar features with its configuration loan, is offered for use with a maturity of up to 60 months and affordable interest rates. For the debt closing loan that the applicants who meet the necessary conditions with the 0.5% loan allocation fee can benefit;

  • To GFB Good Finance Bank branches.
  • To the GFB Good Finance Bank SMS branch.
  • GFB Good Finance Bank Internet and Mobile branch

You can apply. If the answer is positive, a loan closure loan is used by going to GFB Good Finance Bank branches to sign the loan approval documents.

Who Can Get Good Finance Bank Debit Closure Loan?


Good Finance Bank loan closure loan application conditions are the conditions requested to measure the payment power of the applicants who want to collect their debts under a single roof, as well as confirmation of their identity and address information. Borrowers to apply for;

  • It should not be subject to legal follow-up after using any banking product.
  • It should have regular and documentable monthly income.
  • Where necessary, the mortgage and guarantor requirement must be fulfilled.
  • The monthly installment amount of the loan should not exceed half of the total monthly income shown.

How to Apply for Good Finance Bank Debit Closure Loan Application?


Any of the above-mentioned methods can be used to apply for a loan closing loan from Good Finance Bank.

If the necessary conditions are met, a preliminary approval is obtained in the loan application and applicants only need to go to GFB Good Finance Bank branches in order to realize the use of credit with the documents listed below:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Residence or subscription invoice registered to the name for the last 3 months.
  • Salary payroll approved from the workplace.

Good Finance Bank Debit Closing Loan Interest Rates


Good Finance Bank’s debt closing loan interest starts at 1.79%. The interest rates can vary depending on the applicant’s credit score, GFB Good Finance Bank customer and the amount of loan demanded.

Although 1.79% interest rate is standard, it is applied to applicants who take life insurance. Interest rates due to lack of life insurance and disruptions in other conditions;

  • 2.08%
  • 2.54%

It can be revised. The average life insurance premium fee is calculated as 514.19 USD in the use of a 60-month loan.

Good Finance Bank Debit Closing Loan Calculation

Good Finance Bank Debit Closing Loan Calculation

Good Finance Bank debt closing credit account is calculated for 3 different interest rates, 10,000 USD and 60 months maturity terms and the monthly installment amounts shown below:

  • Monthly installment for the interest rate of 1.79% 298 USD
  • Monthly installment amount for 2.08% interest rate 323 USD
  • Monthly installment amount for the 2.54% interest rate is 365 USD

As can be seen from the calculation, Good Finance Bank’s debt closing loan and anyone who wants to configure their current debts has no defect in their past payments, which plays a decisive role in the loan cost.

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