Budget loan tips: Save money and energy

Today is the day of sustainability. You can associate sustainability with everything such as organic food, waste separation and of course energy saving. Certainly with a view of autumn, this day makes me aware of my energy consumption. When I think of autumn, I think of long evenings at home with friends and family. But, realistic as I am, also with regard to heating costs. Because a cold house brings little cosiness. Energy costs always hurt a bit. Therefore a few tips to start spending less on energy and relieving the environment from today.

Every year a household spends an average of € 1,900 on energy costs.


Do you have an electric boiler, water bed or air conditioning? Then your energy costs are probably much higher. Heating costs are part of it, but still put great pressure on your wallet and the environment. That is why I always opt for economical devices and try to save where possible.

Energy saving measures


  • Home insulation: insulate your roof and walls and only replace glass with insulating glass. It costs one-off money, but ensures structural cost savings that will last for years.
  • Energy-efficient devices: always pay attention to the power when purchasing a new device. Unnecessary power ensures unnecessary consumption and high costs. Also don’t forget to replace large energy consumers with an energy-efficient one.
  • Solar panels: energy prices are rising, but fortunately solar panels are becoming increasingly cheaper. Solar panels are a lucrative investment that will certainly pay for itself in the long term.
  • Energy manager: measuring is knowing. Purchase an energy manager to gain insight into your energy consumption. You can then save energy in a targeted way.

Simple changes with a large cost saving

money save

The above measures are not arranged overnight. Therefore, simply start with a few simple adjustments. Think of a saving shower head, a drying rack instead of a tumble dryer, LED and energy-saving lamps. Or turn the heating down a little and put on a warm sweater in the house.

Do you not have a budget to insulate your home or to purchase solar panels? Then choose a loan.

money loan

An energy saving loan is usually a lot cheaper than an extra mortgage. You can also adjust the term of your loan to the duration of the loan target. This prevents you from paying off your house insulation while your house is already sold. Borrowing money to save energy is possible with a Personal Loan or Continuous Credit. Do you opt for a Personal Loan? Then the interest is also tax deductible.

I have just purchased my first energy manager and will be working in the near future to live more energy-efficiently. If you have additional tips, I would of course like to hear them. Are you in?

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