Advantages Of Reunifying Your Debts

In your day we tell you how to reunify your debts with a single loan, but do you know the advantages of reunifying your doubts with Boba-Yogo ? In this article we talk about all the benefits of doing so.


Reunify your debts with Boba-Yogo: advantages

Reunify your debts with Boba-Yogo: advantages

In our company fintech we offer our users interesting financial products such as a free credit card or a personal loan. However, there are clients who are paying different debts and who could join them into one in order to extend the term and pay them more comfortably.

The latter sounds very interesting, but first we know all the advantages of reunifying your debts with Boba-Yogo :


Pay less every month

At Boba-Yogo we can help you pay less for your debts each month. To do this, at the time of requesting a personal loan for the reunification of debts you can choose the duration and amount; in such a way that the monthly installments are fixed, to avoid surprises and that you carry it as well as possible. So you can arrive more baggy at the end of the month and surely you appreciate it.


Lower interest

Since we offer you the best possible personal loan based on your needs, fully individualized and personalized for you, it is very likely that the personal loan that we propose you threads lower interest rates than the products you have contracted. So our advice is that you stay with a single loan and with the best conditions.


Greater peace of mind

If at this time you are in a hurry to pay off debts and reach the end of the month, one of the advantages of unifying loans with Boba-Yogo is that you will have a longer term to pay calmly if you prefer. You can have more time to pay more calmly and not have to deprive yourself so much month by month.



We cannot overlook the advantage of comfort either; Because it is better to pay in one installment and all debts together than not having payments everywhere. You will know that every month you will have a fixed expense instead of several small ones that you confuse with other expenses. This will allow you to better control expenses and help you avoid surprises.


Reuniting your debts with a personal loan Boba-Yogo is the best option

debts with a personal loan

We offer you an alternative that might be interesting to you. You already know the advantages and the conditions we can calculate based on your FinScore . So you only have to enter our loan website or the Boba-Yogo app so you know the maximum amount of personal loan you can apply for and the associated conditions.


How to reunify debts with a personal loan Boba-Yogo?

reunify debts with a personal loan

Both from the loan website and from the app you can apply for the personal loan; in such a way that you will only have to tell us what you are going to use your money for, so that you have it whenever you need it and you can more comfortably pay your debts based on the advantages that we mention to you.

For example, you can pay separately for the financing of a washing machine, a car, a television, a trip, the studies of a child … or combine all these expenses in the same loan.

Therefore, this product is perfect in the event that you have several debts with different banks or entities and want more time to make the payment; because unifying all in one you will see that your money gives you much more.

So if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. At Boba-Yogo we help you save and stretch your money!

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